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If you're a small business (SME) with a team of 3 - 40 staff who are doing customer support using WhatsApp, you might just be a few strategies, tactics and tools away from doubling your leadflow, revenue and impact.

How to get more from your team

In this fast-paced, 15-minute brainstorm, we will...

  • Take a look at your operations, customer support and delivery systems, to see what is/isn't working.
  • Review your team collaboration processes, and reporting practices to identify what's possible for you in the next 90 days and beyond.
  • Uncover the #1 bottleneck restricting your growth and holding you back from scaling.
  • Develop a 3-step action plan that will get you results in your business ASAP.

What People Are Saying

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Carliff Rizal

Founder & CEO - YesHello

Before YesHello, for us to actually send messages to all our students on our database and their parents, ... it took us one hour to send one message, with YesHello, it takes us four seconds

Capten Johan Farid Khairuddin

Pilot, MD English Matters Early Childhood Education, AirAsia Captain, TraxxFM Radio DJ, Award-winning singer, songwriter & music producer.

I worked with Carliff since 2017, he always amazed me with his marketing ideas and original approaches to solving problems. Powerful, knowledgeable and responsible as our Facebook Chatbot service provider. Carliff is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. He had vision to see the benefits and the passion to turn that into a competitive advantage for Fatberry. Carliff worked far beyond the call of duty and we are enjoy working with Narrative and definitely would recommend to my network

Martin Khu

Techie | Fintech | Insurtech | Blockchain | Entrepreneur | Digital Transformation | EV Enthusiast

I've known Carliff while we worked together as a team in Public Mutual. He is a dedicated, immaculate, professional leader that leads with confidence and flair. He is always very generous with his knowledge and ideas in helping any of his team. He is not afraid to try out new ventures and always innovative in his business. He is someone you could trust and very reliable.

Liez Pucher

Principal Merantia Plt. Financial Empowerment Mentor

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