Customer service is the heart of a business.

But regular WhatsApp-ing is slowing down business because management cannot monitor what's going on in your WhatsApp. That's where YesHello comes in.

Trusted by 300 plus companies, YesHello helps small and medium modern businesses achieve great customer service by providing an EASY TO USE and TRANSPARENT one central platform for team members to work in.

With YesHello, you can monitor, help and support your team members and customers all at the same time!

How long are you willing to put up with messy and disorganised customer service?

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200+ Modern Customer Service teams rely on YesHello

Land Rover
Mercedes Benz
Yellow Pages
My Dental Care
Ibnu Sinna Wellness
Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia

Joycelyn Tan - Vulcan Post
This would enable (companies) to keep all involved department members up to date with the status of a sale rather easily.
Hana Hilmi - Customer Service Manager,
Your YesHello platform have been life changing. Thank you!
Jonathan Ong Wei Jie - FamilyTutor: Singaporeans' Favourite Home Tuition Agency
I've gotten professional assistance from Carliff and Alta. Within the YesHello team, everyone is working closely with one another to serve their clients well. There's NOT a time when I was disappointed by their service.

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RM945 for 3 months

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is YesHello?

YesHello is committed to support SMEs improve in the area of online customer service using a 'Collaborative Whatsapp' approach. Our mission is to empower SMEs and small businesses to grow bigger, scale faster and more efficient by having Predictably Great Customer Service.

How will I get the billed invoice and where can I view it?

Billing cycle occurs every 30 days can charged ahead of the usage. The billed invoice will be sent your registered email from YesHello.

How can I cancel my subscription?

There is a 30 days money back. Should you decide to cancel the subscription, please contact YesHello by email or via YesHello whatsapp support at +6 014 990 3735 to cancel subscription. The refund of charges from YesHello will be processed within 7 to 14 working days. YesHello will then revoke access to YesHello platform and the data will be deleted.

What happens, if I continue to use the service in the next bill cycle?

The subscription is active and auto charging will occur at every bill cycle in the subsequent months.

How do I subscribe to the YesHello Promo?

Follow these steps

Step 1: Click on the button 'Whatsapp Us For More Info Now'.

Step 2: Chat with us in Whatsapp and schedule a live demo.

Step 3: Attend live demo session on Zoom to get full understanding.

Step 4: Complete the registration and Your subscription will commence immediately.

What happens, if I have unpaid bills and would my service be suspended?

For unpaid bills in the specified bill cycle, YesHello will attempt to notify you via email on the payment due. Please ensure your credit card details are up to date, and valid for charging. If still unable to charge, YesHello will follow up with email notification, and contact you via YesHello whatsapp support. Subsequently YesHello shall suspend the service by the 8th day of that particular bill cycle. Then, the login to YesHello dashboard will be blocked and service unavailable until payment is received.

I have made payment, how will the service be re-instated?

Once payment is cleared, the status of service returns to active state and the next bill cycle will take effect 30 days from it.

How long is the duration of the Merdeka Promo?

This Promo ends at 11:59pm on 6th January 2022

Can I still sign up for free trial plan for Merdeka Promo?

Unfortunately there is no free trial for the Merdeka Promo, but no worries, you will still have 30 Days money back guarantee if the software is not suitable for you.

How do I get assistance for issues and resolutions?

You can contact us directly via Whatsapp, or if you prefer to self-serve, our online resources and comprehensive knowledge base are readily available at and various video tutorials from to guide you.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my Promo Plan?

Yes, you can.

Are Starter Plan, Pro Plan and Business Plan eligble for this Promo?

Yes, Starter Plan, Pro Plan and Business Plan are valid for this Promo

All of the Bonuses above normally comes with additional charges?

Yes! Normally it comes with additional charges

What if I am an existing client?

This Promo is for new account sign ups only. But if you want to add a new account, then can. But it is invalid if you want to cancel existing plan to get the promo.

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