The Customer Service Channel Selector™

Simple and Effective Way of Choosing your Customer Service Channels for Your Small Business

The Customer Service Channel Selector™ Does 3 Things:

  • Identify your best communication channels
    to follow up with customers in a predictable and consistently fast manner.
  • Make decisions on which channel to prioritise
    So that your team can be excellent giving support to your customers in a few channels instead of being mediocre in many.
  • Make decisions based on something more concrete
    Instead of making decisions based on vague feelings - having to go through unnecessary arguments, quarrels, and debates with team members on which channels is best.

In this PDF and Training, I will show you a simple strategy how to effectively select your online customer service channel that your customers will thank you for, and get most value from - without you going through any disagreements with your team, your boss or anyone else that has an opinion on how you should run your customer service department.

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