Add WhatsApp Marketing into Another Channel to Get More Sales & Revenue

Businesses need to constantly sensitive and increase visibility especially when it comes to channel with more than 1 billion active user like WhatsApp. Start tapping into smart WhatsApp Broadcast strategy to promote your business.

Smart WhatsApp Broadcast

Blasted to more than 13K numbers in average per month

YesHello, we not only provide team shared inbox for WhatsApp, but also provide Smart WhatsApp Broadcasting to help client reach out client in average 13K customer per month

Why WhatsApp Marketing

1 on 1 promoting

Send your promotional message in mass to individual WhatsApp number

Promo with rich medias

You able to send along with medias like image, video or pdf along with your promotional message

High reading rate

Customer will get notified by incoming WhatsApp message like usual. They will definitely receive & see your blasting.

Benefit of Smart WhatsApp Broadcasting

Malaysia Sender Number

Customer will receive your Whatsapp blasting with Malaysia sender number

Customize Company Logo

You will be able to set up your company logo as profile picture.

90% delivery rate

We provide you guarantee of 90% delivery rate with reports of deliverability.

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